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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are intended for door security in commercial & industrial applications with heavy traffic that require access control systems. An electric strike is an electromechanical door locking device that works in conjunction with cylindrical locksets, mortise lockets, or rim exit devices. Electric strike plates are partially controlled by internal electronic mechanisms that releases the lock, while fixed strike plates only have mechanical workings.

RCI electric strikes, when paired with credential accessories, grant access at the door or can release the lock remotely with switches. This creates an integrated access control solution with the advantages of credential managed entry and the convenience of remote activation. When the electric release is activated, a hinge inside the electric strike will pivot to allow the door to be opened without operating the mechanical lock or turning the door handle. After the door is opened past the strike plate, it returns to the standard position and re-locks once the door closes.

dormakaba has RCI electric strikes available in both fail-safe and fail-secure modes. The fail-safe configuration locks the door when the electric current is applied to the strike. With the fail-secure configuration the door is locked until an electric current is applied to unlock the door. 

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