Vacation & Short-Term Rental Solutions

Access Control Management

OracodeLIVE access control management system uses a web application, your smartphone, and your Oracode door lock(s) to provide temporary access to your vacation or other short-term rental property.  Property managers generate secure numerical codes with encrypted and scheduled access for the vacation or other short-term rental property. Oracode door locks are programmed to understand time, dates, and access codes. If the six-digit code corresponds with the scheduled date and time, then the lock will grant access. With the OracodeLIVE website, operators now have the option to e-mail a code immediately to a guest who may have forgotten the code or a vendor that might need immediate access. The Oracode access control management system is a simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world to create codes, program locks, and view entry audit trails. 

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