Product Summary

Oracode Live takes keyless entry to the next level. It provides all the features and benefits of the stand-alone system in addition to real-time notifications and alerts, such as Guest First Arrival and Internet Down. Oracode Live also allows managers to generate, cancel, or extend access codes remotely.

Product Details


Designed to increase security for the owner, guest, staff, and management, the Oracode system provides access control without keys or cards but with clear accountability.

Valid codes automatically expire at the end of the authorized period.


The Oracode system is easy to use and installs in minutes, handling from one unit to thousands.

Guests do not have to check-in anywhere, pick up or drop off keys.


Oracode Live, the online solution, adds more convenience to guest and lock management, providing real-time data and remote functions. Oracode Live sends access codes via smartphone or tablet to guests or vendors.

Commercial Grade

Locks are tested to the highest standards for strength and durability, while finishes withstand a broad range of climates.

No Keys, No Cards

The “no keys, no cards” concept is ideal for owners, property managers, guests, housekeepers, vendors, and maintenance — all who need access control rights at rental properties.


Enterprise Property Control
When the Oracode access control system integrates into the BeHome247 energy management system, managers can further enhance the guest’s rental experience by creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. With a few key strokes, the BeHome247 system allows managers to:

  • Monitor and control a property’s temperature
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Adjust pool/spa settings, lights, and pumps
  • Receive notification when the HVAC system or appliance is out of service
  • Shut down the water supply to prevent frozen pipes

These fully automated controls not only streamline property operations but save time and money. When the property is unoccupied, the BeHome247 Enterprise Property Control™ system monitors and regulates energy settings, reducing energy consumption and maximizing savings.

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Oracode Live

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