Software Downloads

Software Downloads & Updates

Empower Your Security Strategy with dormakaba's Advanced Access Control Solutions and Software Enhancements

E-Plex Standard Software Download

Download the E-Plex standard software for free to operate the E-Plex 1500, 2000, 3000, & 5000 or PowerPlex 2000 electronic PIN based locks.

Keyscan LUNA™ Software Download

Keyscan LUNA™ Access Control Software - A basic and cost-effective software designed for e-plex wireless locks and small installations up to 6 doors.

Keyscan Aurora Software Updates

Download the latest Keyscan Aurora software update for enhanced features and seamless integrations in your Keyscan Aurora access control system.

Keyscan Device Drivers

Download the Keyscan device drivers and utilities for your Keyscan peripheral and communication devices.

Auditcon Software Download

Auditcon software is designed to function with the dormakaba Auditcon keypad and lock solution. Auditcon software requires a license, cable, and e-Key to interact with the keypad/lock.

LAGARD 700 Series Software Download

Our 700 Series software is tailor-made for dormakaba LA GARD 700 Series keypad and lock systems. To get started, simply ensure you have a license, cable, and dongle for seamless keypad/lock interaction.