Our approach to shaping a sustainable future

Our commitment

We are committed to fostering a sustainable development along our entire value chain in line with our economic, environmental and social responsibilities toward current and future generations. We seek an open, transparent dialogue with all stakeholders to define strategies and actions based on clear targets and continuous improvement, and we actively report on our progress.

Our sustainability framework

We are aware of the most urgent global challenges, as well our customers’ increasing demand for more sustainable products for every place that matters. To respond to the needs and expectations of our society and customers, we put sustainability at the core of our vision, which underlines our long-term commitment to shaping a more sustainable industry and future.

In our new sustainability framework we focus on three Pillars: People, Planet and Partnerships. We are ready and determined to take action for a low carbon and circular economy, to empower our people so that they can unlock their full potential, and to collaborate with others in our value chain to promote sustainable development.

Sustainability strategic framework

Explore our sustainability strategic framework and targets


We contribute to greener buildings

Our aim is to develop high-quality products that meet the needs of a sustainable built environment and to contribute to our customers’ own sustainability goals. Our verified Environmental, Health and Building Product Declarations provide transparent information on the potential environmental- or health-related impacts along the entire life cycle of the products.

Sustainability Report

We report annually on the progress we make on our Sustainability goals

We create transparency about our sustainability performance and publish an annual sustainability report that outlines sustainability commitments, strategy and progress. The annual report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (Core) standards.


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Stephanie Ossenbach-Keller

Group Sustainability Officer