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Increasing patient safety and operational efficiency with integrated access solutions

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How to combine efficiency and well-being in the health sector?

Healthcare facilities need to satisfy a host of complex security requirements as well as maintain an environment that is comfortable and conducive to healing. The success of medical care largely hinges on how safe, effective, future-proof, and cost-efficient it is. Optimizing operational processes saves lives and resources.

From hospitals and clinics to medical office buildings, nursing homes, medical centers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical facilities and laboratories, we offer a wide spectrum of services and a varied portfolio of access solutions to promote patient safety at all these facilities and in the individual areas within them. Our innovative, high-quality solutions support staff in their daily routine and contribute to patient safety, operational processes as well as cost efficiency.


Automated, touchless entrance systems, access control hardware and software solutions – all contribute to more effective infection control in hospitals, from cleanrooms to intensive care units and radiology, overall building security and user safety.

Senior Living

Our access control systems interface seamlessly to deliver value for property managers, security for residents, streamlined operations for staff, and peace of mind for families.

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Comprehensive security

We offer security for your property, processes, systems, and data – as well as your investment.

Infection prevention

We help reduce the risk of infection through touchless, automated entrance solutions, intelligent access control and antimicrobial surfaces.

Building standards

With a wide range of solutions available, we make standardizing the purchase of your hardware and access control easier than ever.

Access for everyone

Solutions designed to meet ADA compliance to accommodate persons of all abilities and needs.

Aesthetic Design

Your patients, staff and visitors count on you to make their experience one of comfort and healing. Our products allow you to create an environment conducive to this.

Holistic consulting

Professional teams of experts provide you with customized solutions and specifications to meet your individual requirements.

Comprehensive service

Benefit from our global network of technical service teams during the design, engineering and installation phases, and throughout the life cycle of your system.

"With dormakaba's solutions, we have a reliable and secure locking system that can be adapted to our needs. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation, we have come to appreciate dormakaba as a reliable partner."
Christian Müllner

Christian Müllner

MSc, MBA, Head of the Technology Department at St. Pölten University Hospital

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight on: TouchGo

Uniting security with privacy

Hygenic solutions for patient rooms

A solution that is fully secure, yet opens with a single touch

Retirement residences, dementia care homes and psychiatric clinics are continually looking to optimize their residents’ personal and passive security needs and comfort level. Easy, reliable access control plays a crucial role in this, preserving privacy for residents while supporting staff with their daily tasks. Our intelligent access management system TouchGo achieves both of these things.

The TouchGo system uses a transponder that you can carry around in your pocket. It not only satisfies all the requirements for reliable, easy access management, but also makes searching for misplaced keys and expensive replacements a thing of the past. Care staff benefit from the access solution as well, as it leaves their hands free. Simply touching the handle allows the lock to identify who is authorized to enter, making work flows simpler and more efficient.

Features at a glance

Technology that eases the pain of dementia

Our TouchGo solution prevents residents with dementia mistakenly entering other people’s rooms, providing privacy, security and integrity for all.

Your hand acts as a key

The digital access lock recognizes the authorized person as long as they are carrying the key somewhere on their body, e.g. as a wristband or a pendant. There is no need to use the key itself.

One system for all doors

TouchGo can be integrated into the property’s overall access control system, making it easy to manage residents’ rooms as well as offices, medicine storage spaces, etc.

Your benefits
  • Enhanced privacy for residents

  • Improved organization that supports staff and leaves them more time to spend with patients

  • User-friendly, secure operation with your hand acting as the key

  • Smart access – free movement in the inside, controlled access from the outside

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