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SICUR 2018

SICUR, the perfect scenario to show the technological potential of dormakaba


Experts in offering solutions for intelligent access control and entrance systems, we could not assist to IFEMA, where we have presented solutions that unify design and innovative technology. .

We showed in scoop one of our most innovative and recent access systems, exivo, which had a great interest from the visits side. Within the same product line, exos 9300 platform, was exhibited as another safe bet for access systems.

In addition, customers who demanded innovative measures for attendance registration and time management, found a totally reliable solution with our presence terminals and the time management system, Matrix Professional.

We also show the most powerful solutions in the field of entry and exit control systems, especially focused on evacuation systems: the emergency pushbuttons, with the UNE EN 13637 certification, and the panic locks with more potential thanks to their Safety & Security capacity.

Without any doubt, we can say that our participation in SICUR was a great success.

Couldn't you come and you are interested in knowing more about the products and solutions that we presented? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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