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A smart step for smarter access

Dorma and Kaba become dormakaba

Soluciones de control de acceso por categoría de producto y segmento

DORMA and Kaba become dormakaba: your trust in us is our most valuable asset.

Dorma and Kaba become dormakaba 

Dorma and Kaba are now dormakaba. Our merger underscores our passionate commitment to you, our customer. 

We offer products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms – now all from a single source. 

With more than 150 years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. 

And with this foundation we want to remain at your side as a skilled partner. 

dormakaba city

The dormakaba Group pursues a policy of openness towards the general public and the financial markets. Its transparency and its high degree of continuity in investor relations are underlined by the diversity of the Group's business publications.


dormakaba Japan

dormakaba Japan, former Nihon Kaba, has been manufacturing and providing high performance and high security products since September 1, 1981 establishment Japan subsidiary after seven years license business with partner. Especially well-known “Kaba” reversible dimple key-cylinder has been introduced in 1934 as world innovative product. Such high quality and high performance cylinder can be replaced to most of local cylinders. Moreover those high security and excellent designed Security gate, Access control and Door hardware are applied to variety of projects such as  Airport Office, Commercial, Residential, Factory, Laboratory, School and Hospital.  dormakaba products are available not only for BtoB but also BtoC customers through over 700 locksmith named “Kaba Club” established since 1996...