Solutions for door access control systems

What do door access control systems need to do?

Enhancing security through door lock automation

The pinnacle of door access control systems

Balancing its ever-changing security requirements with flexible office access for personnel, vehicles and visitors is a major challenge for any organization. An access system needs to be able to issue variable access permissions, record personnel movements and coordinate various levels of security, all at the same time.

We provide a full range of innovative, user-friendly door access control systems – so that you can manage on-site security both now and in the future. From companies confined to a single location to firms distributed across multiple sites, our portfolio of commercial electronic door locks, systems and employee attendance software can meet all your needs for any project.

Integrated access control solutions for larger enterprises

Our door access control systems combine a modular design with total flexibility, enabling them to meet any requirements.

Integrated access control for SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors

SAP HCM and SuccessFactors are designed to keep processes clear and manageable, streamline workflows and centralize access control for better usability.

Superior integrated access control for small and medium-sized companies

No matter your security needs, our door lock solutions are flexible, easy to integrate and simple to use.

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Integration into leading smart home systems

Our innovative access solutions can be integrated as part of a smart, forward-looking flexible home.

More convenience for tenants, visitors and property owners

We offer customizable, attractive, easy-to-use solutions that create an inviting atmosphere, simplify access management within your property and provide a seamless operational flow.

Comprehensive security

We offer security for your property, processes, systems and data – as well as your investment.

Efficient organization

We optimize operating processes that enhance security, transparency and efficiency saving you time, effort and costs in the long run.

Impressive technology

Technical innovation is key to our products and guarantees the future viability and flexibility of your business, as well as continuous improvements to your operations.

Efficient optimization

We optimize operating processes that enhance security, transparency and efficiency.

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