Access solutions for multifamily housing

Secure access solutions for smart living in multifamily buildings

Situation today

How can you secure your property and establish a seamless people flow at the same time?

Multifamily housing entails numerous safety and security challenges for tenants and visitors. Landlords and building owners have a duty of care to the residents in multi-occupancy units. They must ensure that only residents and authorized people can access apartments and communal areas. At the same time, they are responsible that apartment spaces and access points meet legal, safety, and security requirements.

We provide integrated access control solutions to give property owners and landlords full control over their premises. Our offerings range from mechanical cylinder locks to smart locks for doors and multi-door, multi-site digital building access control systems. Benefit from a wide range of smart door solutions and services to protect people flow, allow smooth operation, and enable quick emergency response. These solutions also provide convenience, free movement, and a feeling of well-being.

Protection of premises and main entrance

The protection of the building premises up to the main entrance is crucial. This area should convey a feeling of safety to residents and visitors while providing a positive first impression when entering by allowing a smooth flow of people traffic

Smart living with intelligent access management

Security is one of the most important factors in a tenant’s decision to rent an apartment. It’s one reason multi-occupancy property owners should add smart access control systems in their communities.

Safety and convenience for tenants, visitors and suppliers

The safety and comfort of all residents in multifamily units is paramount. Different groups of individuals in the building — young and old — have varying physical capabilities.

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Comprehensive security

We offer security for your property, processes, systems, and data – as well as your investment.

More convenience for tenants, visitors and property owners

We offer customizable, attractive, easy-to-use solutions that create an inviting atmosphere, simplify access management within your property and provide a seamless operational flow.

Impressive technology

Technical innovation is key to our products and supports your business’s future viability and flexibility,as well as continuous improvements to your operations.

Property management performance

Our energy-saving, durable, high-quality products and services maximize your building value.

“I was pleasantly surprised by how simple and intuitive even the underlying cloud systems are to operate.”
Christian Dengler

Christian Dengler

Managing Director at StadtNatur Munich

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight on: Lyazon™

Seamlessly connected living

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Deliver a seamless access experience that adapts to the constantly changing needs of today’s multifamily property managers and meets the lifestyle demands of residents with Lyazon™. Lyazon is a cloud-based API driven platform that integrates with a wide range of third-party systems and solutions for property technologies, smart home automation, energy management, resident portal apps, and more. Right on your preferred platform, Lyazon gives you full and fluid control over every access point.

Make access secure and simple

  • Get real-time notifications, including events and access anomalies

  • Manage access rights to allow or revoke access for residents and visitors in real time, from anywhere

  • Easily send digital keys or PIN codes to residents and visitors from the app

  • Provide convenient one-time or recurring access PINs to service and maintenance personnel

  • Control when and where residents and visitors can go throughout the building

  • Quickly delete lost access media to keep the building secure

  • Ensure continuous updates for increased security with online connectivity

  • Allow residents to use their mobile devices, RFID credentials or PIN to access their residence or common areas

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