Shanghai Tower, China

An architectural feat

Shanghai Tower4

Shanghai Tower: architectural finesse at dizzying heights

One of the most impressive features of Shanghai’s skyline is the Shanghai Tower. Standing at 632 m, it is China’s tallest building, and the second tallest building in the world behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Located at the heart of Lujiazui, the Shanghai World Financial Center, this awe-inspiring structure is modern urban architecture at its breathtaking best.

  • Location: China, Shanghai, Pudong

  • Completion: 03/2016

  • Architects: Marshall Strabala, Arthur Gensler, Andy Cohen, Jun Xia


How our doors support energy efficiency and an optimized people flow?

  • Door solutions such as sliding glass doors that complement the look of the uniquely shaped wall panels.

  • Revolving doors and automatic sliding doors that increase the energy efficiency of the building.

  • A smart door system that separates public areas and provides security, which is also relevant in case of emergency.

  • Automatic door solutions that provide comfortable, barrier-free access.

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Access solutions for an architectural gem

  • Revolving doors aren’t just an eye-catching entrance feature; they also help to reduce energy consumption by minimizing drafts from outside and reducing heat exchange. In addition, they prevent unwanted noise, dirt and dust from entering the building.

  • The electronic controls ensure smooth movement while offering a high degree of safety and monitoring peripheral areas and interiors.

  • dormakaba sliding glass doors let in light, creating an open, elegant feel.

  • Automatic door systems allow safe, comfortable entry, regulating the flow of people and access to different areas.

  • Customized automatic doors enable creative design in the elegant entrance space.

  • Sensor barriers enable modern access. The sophisticated integrated sensor technology ensures that people stay out of unauthorized areas and security remains tight.

  • Invisible door closers offer an integrated solution for high-end doors. They enable a rapidly decreasing opening torque, which is especially well suited to accessible buildings.

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