Garitage Park Office Complex, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dozens of businesses and requirements. One solution for secure and consistent access – dormakaba

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A great showcase for dormakaba entrance systems and interior products for office spaces

Garitage Park is one of the largest mixed-use projects in Sofia. Located on an area of 167,000 m2, the complex offers over 90,000 m2 of office space and 4,500 parking spaces.

Garitage Park Sports Centre is located in the business complex and covers an area of 3,600 m2 with a 25-m swimming pool, a spa area and a fitness centre.

dormakaba rises to the challenge of providing easy yet secure access to all office buildings and creating office spaces that meet the needs of different companies in different businesses. How? By providing seamless access to all office buildings.


How to ensure easy and safe access to office spaces while maintaining building uniformity?

  • Entrance on all levels of the building, for a seamless flow

  • Revolving doors and automatic sliding doors that meet the security requirements of a range of businesses

  • Barrier control for increased security

  • Interior solutions for creating office spaces that foster productivity and facilitate teamwork

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Entrance solutions for more uniform access that still maintains the individuality of each space

dormakaba solutions that allowed Garitage Park to separate communal areas from private office premises:

  • Revolving doors at each entrance to the buildings

  • Security and seamless access via Argus and HSB sensor barriers

  • PHA 2000 anti-panic mechanisms with c-lever compact access control

  • Alexa and MUTO glass wall systems in all office buildings

Project highlights (for VMware & Milestone Systems offices):

The Milestone Systems office has different types and sizes of space, with a particular emphasis on the conference rooms and the cafeteria. The spaces are separated and brought together by dormakaba glass partition walls.

  • Variflex glass partition walls

  • dormakaba interior systems with sealing profile throughout the company's office

  • Flexible MUTO manually operated sliding systems

  • PHA 2000 glass emergency exit doors

At VMware, the focus is on the open-space area. For the conference room, dormakaba's Variflex Acoustic soundproof partition wall was chosen, allowing the huge conference room to be split into several smaller spaces quickly and easily.

  • Higher security and seamless access at the entrance to the office thanks to HSB access control turnstile gates

  • Effective separation of conference space thanks to Variflex Acoustic soundproof room divider – creating one big meeting space in separate small yet sound-insulating meeting zones

  • KTV revolving doors

Sport Center Garitage Park highlights

  • For the entrance of the sport zone – PHA 2000 anti-panic mechanisms

  • Glass doors with BTS 84 floor springs that easily fit to all zones in the sport centre

  • Turnstile gates for room access control

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