UBB Millennium Center , Bulgaria

Sophisticated technology and minimalist design for a superb office experience

UBB ABB office 1

Modern and convenient office space on 24 floors

The UBB Millennium Center office building is part of the flagship Millennium Center complex, which includes the five-star hotel of same name and a residential building.The office spaces are in a 24-storey building in an 85-m tower with 25,000 m2 of office space and incredible panoramic views of the Bulgarian capital.

dormakaba provides the perfect office solutions for access to the building. In addition, our interior glass solutions allow light from the exterior windows to flow into the interior and create a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of natural light.


How to create a multi-tenant building that offers secure, adaptable office spaces?

  • Customised entrance via modular combination of personal safety, throughput rate and elegant design

  • Movable walls for flexible space control that meets individual requirements

  • Interior glazing on all floors of the building promotes natural light and offers customisable spaces

  • Automatic sliding doors on all floors of the building

UBB ABB office 6


Smart and secure solutions for seamless flow and integrated access

  • Ground-level access control with Argus HSB E02

  • Sensor barriers connected to Schindler elevators

  • Variflex ML100 movable partition walls

  • Interior glass wall systems with Alexa and WCP on all 18 floors of the building

  • Door closers and fittings for glass and timber doors in all offices of the building

  • Automatic sliding doors on all floors for easy access

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