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A modern, secure and user-friendly access control system for Prima Assicurazioni’s headquarters in Milan

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dormakaba office access control for the Milan headquarters of Prima Assicurazioni

Since its foundation in 2015, Prima Assicurazioni has revolutionized the insurance industry with its tech and data-driven approach. Specializing in policies for cars, motorbikes, vans, home, family and accidents, Prima delivers premiums from leading international companies both online and through a network of selected brokers and agents. With more than 750 employees in Italy, this fast-growing company has gained the trust of global investors such as Goldman Sachs and the Blackstone Group. A network of more than 2.5 million active customers speaks volumes about the success of the strategy.

GBPA Architectural Studio


How can a modern and secure access control system be integrated into a dynamic working environment?

  • A mobile key application for opening doors with a smartphone, part of the dormakaba exos 9300 system, ideal for a young, dynamic environment.

  • An intuitive system interface in a user-friendly environment.

  • An entrance access control system that is both elegant and lightweight, but also functional and reliable.

  • A barrier-free solution for both disabled access and goods trolleys.

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dormakaba access control system, badge readers and automatic barriers for Prima Assicurazioni

Prima Assicurazioni, always at the forefront of technology, has implemented an access control system in keeping with its innovative identity, supported by Genesis srl and in collaboration with dormakaba, Facility and IT. The choice of the dormakaba exos 9300 office access control with mobile access module combines with this youthful and dynamic environment, delivering modernity and security. Mobile technology removes the need for physical keys, enabling doors to be opened with authorized smartphones with all access monitored. The system controls 10 access managers, about 20 badge readers (91 04) and 10 readers (91 12) with PINs, serving the third to ninth floors.

These developments have delivered significant benefits to Prima Assicurazioni, with a centralized management system for precise and secure in-company access control, and enabling a swift response in the event of an emergency. During the redevelopment of Milan's iconic Palazzo di Fuoco, headquarters of Prima Assicurazioni, GBPA architectural studio asked dormakaba to deliver an access control system for the entrance hall. Two dormakaba HSB-E11 automatic gates, with HSD E01 hinged doors, complete with dormakaba 91 04 badge readers, allow flawless disabled access and perfectly complement the interior glass and steel design of the building. Luxury access that combines elegance and functionality in the heart of Milan.

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