Access solutions for hospitality

Enhancing the guest experience with integrated access solutions for hotels

Situation today

First impressions count: how to provide convenience and safety at the same time?

From boutique hotels to major hotel chains to luxury resorts – wherever you go, guests expect access to everything they have at home, and usually more. Individuality, unique design and quality are fundamental factors for ensuring guests feel well looked after.

Make things simple for your guests by keeping check-in brief and using digital checking technology to control access authorizations. You can simply the check-in process for your guests to they can start enjoying their stay right away. We can support you from the planning stage right through to full-time operation.

Our innovative access control systems allow you to organize and secure operations in different areas of your hotel facility.

Reception and lobby

We provide secure, easy-to-use smart access solutions to manage your visitor flow at every reception access point. Individuality, comfort and quality are fundamental factors ensuring that guests feel well looked after.

Back of house

Every area within a hotel is critical. In the background, staff are responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of a hotel. Our integrated access solutions support you in optimizing your operating processes and enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Guest room management

As a pioneer of digital access management, electronic hotel door locks and mobile access, we enable you to offer your guests the flexibility and convenience they expect when they check in and out. This is beneficial for guests and management alike.

Guest areas

From restaurants to spa and wellness areas and conference rooms, our automatic door systems and access control solutions combine sophisticated design with flexibility and security. We support you in efficiently coordinating your visitor flow.


Increase customer added value and guest loyalty

You have access to customizable solutions that enhance the guest experience, all from a single source.

Building standards

With a wide range of solutions available, we make standardizing the purchase of your hardware and access control easier than ever.

Controlled Access

Our solutions provide access and security for the constant stream of employees, patients, and visitors, keeping hospital areas secure and protecting patient privacy.

Global network

We are a global provider, and as such you benefit from service on a global scale, ensuring consistency and compatibility for international hotel chains.

Committed partnership

We cultivate reliable, fair, strong, and successful partnerships and are approved on most major vendor lists.

Ease of use and outstanding design

We provide modular, easy-to-use solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality.

Jan Abbruzzino
“The locking system and the automatic door systems by dormakaba function flawlessly. The access solutions provide convenience, design and reliable functionality to enhance the feel-good atmosphere our guests’ experience in our hotel.”

Jan Abbruzzino, owner of the Boutique Hotel Moselgarten, Germany

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight on: mobile access

Enabling guests to access their rooms quickly and conveniently


dormakaba's mobile access solutions are reliable and secure for both the hotel and guests and provide a convenient way to check in and out without having to queue at reception. Guests can gain access to their room using their smartphone, smartwatch, your hotel app or the dormakaba BlueSky app.

The BlueSky Access app is user-friendly and connects with Bluetooth-enabled locks. Guests can download the app on iOS and Android devices – ensuring your hotel is prepared for the digital future.

Your benefits

Allow your guests to
  • Bypass the check-in desk and head straight to their room

  • Avoid use of keycards

  • Store multiple keys and see their room number

  • Share their room keys

  • Enjoy room access via smartphone or smart watch

Streamline the hotel operation by
  • Optimizing the number of front desk personnel

  • Re-assigning staff to business-critical departments

  • Reducing the number of guest keycards

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