Vision Clinic, Sofia, Bulgaria

Eye clinic with barrier-free access and digital access control for improved accessibility

Vision Clinic DSC 0582 l

Human-centric solutions for efficient patient flow

Vision Clinic specializes in the treatment of eye diseases. The hospital is equipped with the latest generation of diagnostic and treatment equipment and has 46 offices and 8 operating halls for treating patients.

Integrated access solutions are in place to ensure barrier-free accessibility right from the entrance of the hospital. Thanks to dormakaba's cloud-based access control system, the office building next to the hospital is protected and access is availableonly to authorised personnel.

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How to create easy and secure access to patients’ rooms and administrative offices in a hospital?

  • access control for the office building in order to create a protected administrative area that is convenient to use

  • phone door locks with an award-winning design use your smartphone to open the door

  • access control that meets various needs and requirements

  • automatic sliding doors are designed to match the overall aesthetic of the building, creating a harmonious and cohesive look throughout

  • master key system for better organisation and quick access by security staff

Vision Clinic DSC 0656 l


Automatic sliding doors for hospitals and operating rooms

Durable, comfortable and welcoming access solutions for healthcare

The central entrances to the building and the clinic’s operating rooms are equipped with automatic sliding doors from the dormakaba portfolio.Why did Vision clinic opt for our sliding doors? Because they’re simple yet highly effective when it comes to accessibility for both healthcare staff and patients.

Office building doors equipped with c-lever compact

The CMI office building, which is adjacent to the eye clinic, uses c-lever compact fittings in combination with the exivo access control system for small and medium-sized companies.

Serrated master key systems

The selected solution aims to simplify access management and enhance the ease and security of accessing the premises.

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