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Power supplies are a crucial, but often unnoticed, aspect of electromechanical access control. RCI power supplies offer reliable power to convert electric current from a source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency. dormakaba offers RCI power supplies that are easy to install with field selectable voltages that filter and regulate DC output with AC fail output relay. dormakaba also carries RCI power supply options such as bridge rectifiers to change AC to DC for silent operation, day timers for scheduled access, and distribution boards for when flexible power distribution is required. These RCI power supplies have been specifically designed to support high performance and longevity in access control, alarm, CCTV, and electric locking systems. RCI power supply products are designed for reliability and safety so that these crucial access control features remain unnoticed for operators.

Note: RCI power supplies can offer a secure backup battery option for electromagnetic locks and other fail-safe access control products when power fails.

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