Entrance Systems

Security Revolving Doors & Interlocks

Security revolving doors and interlocks maximize building safety. dormakaba’s security doors protect areas of a building against unauthorized entry. These access solutions are available in a variety of configurations. All models have a wide selection of styles and finish options. The result is an entrance that is both beautiful and secure.

dormakaba develops its own operating and security components to ensure dependability and durability. Each system can be one-way, two-way, or exit-only. A wide range of features can further enhance security levels, such as edge sensor strips, weight mats, SRD Vision sensors, and bullet-proof glass. These features prevent access tailgating and piggybacking. The security doors can be controlled by a card reader, buttons, control desk, or even biometric identification systems. dormakaba’s security revolving doors and interlocks accurately give access to one individual and hence guarantee top-level access security. 

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