Product Summary

High security is not just a matter of checking whether a user has authorization to enter sensitive or restricted areas in a secure facility. The highest degree of separation and access control must be achieved. dormakaba's electronically, monitored security Personal Interlocks meet the highest security demands and provide optimal protection for sensitive building areas.

The dormakaba Personal Interlock product series comprises a variety of shapes, including round or rectangular Personal Interlocks for single passage, or interlocks with a set of doors arranged in a row, allowing passage in one direction. The degree of separation can be accomplished by means of body weight, sensors or an additional check point for identification in the middle of the interlock. Depending on the security requirements, the interlock may be equipped with contact mats, scales or internal monitoring. Alternative versions for high security areas include bullet- and burglar resistant designs. The different versions are certified from RC2/WK2 up to WK4.

Product Details

  • High level of security when equipped with contact mats
  • Additional security through installation of scales with weight limit or actual weight
  • Resistance classes RC2/WK2, WK3, and up to WK4 for cubic interlocks
  • Optional wings and folding wing doors and automatic locking
  • Optional fire door
  • Optional emergency exit function
  • Optional bullet and burglary resistance
  • Elegant glass units
  • Quiet, low noise operation
  • Minimal space requirement
Personal Interlocks
Orthos security interlocks
Orthos security interlocks

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