Product Summary

dormakaba offers a robust selection of RCI Conekt high-frequency (13.56 MHz) credential formats that function with RCI CSR Series high security access control readers. 

dormakaba’s selection of RCI Conekt high frequency (13.56MHz) credentials are available in clamshell, ISO graphics quality cards, magstripe cards, and fob styles. 

RCI Conekt Credential Series (DESFire EV2) 

  • Smartcard 13.56MHz MIFARE DESFire EV2 

  • 2K standard memory 

  • ISO 14443-A 

Product Details

RCI Conekt High Frequency (13.56MHz) credentials include: 

  • CMC Mobile credential 

  • CSC-2 Clamshell card 

  • CSM-2P graphics quality card 

  • CSM-2P graphics quality magstripe card 

  • CSK-2 fob 

  • DE2-125 dual 13.56MHz and 125kHz dual technology card (functions with RCI CSR and PCR high and low frequency reader series) 

These RCI Conekt credentials will function with these readers: 

  • RCI CSR-35L 

  • RCI CSR-6.2L  

  • RCI CSR-6.4L 

  • K-SMART3 (rev 19C or newer) 

Mobile Credential Series

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