Product Summary

This new dual-technology smart card is the perfect solution for environments where multiple legacy and/or proprietary reader technologies are in place and the migration to newer technology is desired. 

This versatile smart card is interoperable with both Public Key Signo reader series and all iCLASS SE® and iCLASS legacy readers with Keyscan Elite Key. 

This helps facilitate the migration to more modern and secure access control environments by offering a convenient method to bridge the Elite Key and Public Key technologies and replace readers gradually as time and budget allow. 

  • Multi-technology card for upgrading to higher security and functionality

  • Designed to bridge Keyscan Elite Key and Public (Standard) Key technologies for use throughout a facility. 

  • Save time and resources by managing a one card credential solution instead of two separate cards.  

Product Details

IDSOSE Dual Technology (13.56MHz) Credential 

For use with New SIGNO readers AND iCLASS SE and SE legacy readers with Keyscan ELITE Key  

Available styles:  

  • IDSOSE  ISO smartcard  

This credential will function with these HID Signo readers: 

KS-1 Series 

  • KS20NKS1 mullion 

  • KS20KNKS1 mullion keypad 

  • KS40NKS1 standard reader 

  • KS40KNKS1 keypad reader 

KS-2 Series 

  • KS20NKS2 mullion 

  • KS20KNKS2 mullion keypad 

  • KS40NKS2 standard reader 

  • KS40KNKS2 keypad reader 

KS-0 Series 

  • KS20NKS0 mullion 

  • KS20KNKS0 mullion keypad 

  • KS40NKS0 standard reader 

  • KS40KNKS0 keypad reader 

This credential will also function with these now discontinued iCLASS SE and SE Legacy readers using Keyscan Elite Key: 

  • KR10SE mullion reader 

  • KR40SE standard reader 

  • KRK40SE keypad reader 

  • KR10L mullion readers 

  • KR40L standard reader 

  • KRK4L keypad reader 


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