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The Signo™ Reader Series is the signature line of physical access control readers. The versatility, performance and connected capabilities of the Signo readers set a new industry benchmark for the most highly adaptable, interoperable and secure approach to electronic access control.  

Offering an unparalleled breadth of functionality, Signo affords security system installers and administrators a simple and effective approach to secure access control for almost any access control scenario. 

With support for the widest array of credential technologies — past, present and future — Signo reader series is the perfect choice for those looking to make the transition to a secure authentication technology. They are available in three groups:

  • Highly Versatile — Support for the widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access® via native Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC).  

  • Unparalleled Performance — Ultra secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure element hardware, plus a new surface detection feature that enables the reader to automatically recalibrate and optimize read range performance.  

  • Connected to the Future — All readers include out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication.  

  • Mobile-ready by default
  • Sleek, innovative design to suit modern architecture
  • Integrated OSDP for secure authentication and configuration post installation
  • Built on a hardware platform designed to be adaptable to support future technology


KS-1 Series: 

  • Replace R10SO, R10SOM, R40SO, R40SOM, RK40SO, RK40SOM readers 

  • Functions with I8KSEOS and IDSOSE credentials 

  • If using Keyscan Elite Key these readers will only function with IDSOSE dual technology credentials 

KS-2 Series:  

  • Replace Seos profile: KR10SO, KR10SOM, KR40SO, KR40SOM, RK40SO, RK40SOM 

  • Replace iCLASS SE: KR10SE, KR40SE, KRK40SE;  

  • Replace iCLASS SE Legacy: KR10L, KR40L, KRK40L. 

  • Functions with Seos, Seos (HID) mobile, iCLASS SE, iCLASS SR, iCLASS, MiFare DESFire EV1, EV2 (SIO), EV3 and MiFare Classic (SIO) PUBLIC KEY credentials 

  • If using Keyscan Elite Key these readers will only function with IDSOSE dual technology credentials 

KS-0 Series:  

  • Replace KS-1 and KS-2 readers plus HID-6005B, HID-5365, HID-5395, HID-5455, HID-5355KP, HID-5375 

  • Replace Keyscan Indala readers: PX-603, PX-605, PX-610, PX-620, PX501 

  • Functions with host of 125kHz, 13.56MHz credentials as well as those used with KS-1 series and KS-2 series. 


These SIGNO readers function in a Public Key (standard key) environment. If you use iCLASS SE or SE legacy readers with Keyscan Elite Key, you may still add or augment your system with these HID Signo series readers - but you must use IDSESO “bridge” credentials that will function with both iCLASS readers and Signo readers. 

Keyscan Elite Key is no longer available

SIGNO Reader Series

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