Product Summary

dormakaba’s  K-SECURE series high frequency credentials for exclusive use with Keyscan K-SMART reader series. 

dormakaba’s selection of Keyscan K-SECURE high frequency (13.56MHz) credentials are available in ISO graphics quality cards, fob and RF Transmitter styles. 

  • ISO printable  

  • Available in packages of 50 cards/fobs  

  • Keyscan 36-bit format for even more security over standard 26-bit 125kHz credentials  

Product Details

Equipped with numerous anti-counterfeiting and card anti-duplication technologies and a robust AES multilayer encryption technology offering greater security, K-SECURE credentials comply with international interoperability (ISO14443) standards for 3rd party applications. 

K-SECURE High Frequency (13.56MHz) credentials include: 

  • K-SECURE 1K graphics quality card  

  • K-SECURE 4K graphics quality card  

  • K-SF-1K smart fob  

  • K-BLE & K-MOB – Keyscan Mobile Credentials  

  • K-TX2-1K RF Transmitter (for use with Keyscan K-RX wireless receiver)  

This credential series will function exclusively with:  

  • K-SMART3  

  • K-SMART 

  • K-SKPR readers 

K-SECURE series 2

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