SL30SGL - COBALT Mini Electronic Side Load Lock

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Product Summary

The electronic side load lock, COBALT-mini, is a motor driven electronic lock designed to secure commercial and residential single action doors. Its small footprint ensures the Cobalt-mini can be installed in most locations however it still has the ability to pull a door in tightly against a seal and will release instantly when requested, even with excessive load on the door.

  • High security for single action doors
  • 10,000N holding force (1,000kg)
  • Door misalignment of up to 8mm is corrected
  • Sideload up to 100kg
Product Details
  • Door misalignment of up to 8mm is corrected
  • Side load release - up to 100kgs
  • Automatic deadbolting
  • 10mm thick stainless steel bolt pin
  • Reverse polarity and transient protection
  • Multiple attempts to lock
  • Convert from Fail Safe to Fail Secure by repositioning a single jumper
  • Door and bolt position monitors
  • Mortice mount horizontally or vertically, on single acting doors
  • Surface mount with the aid of the SLA30SGL accessories, including mounting onto glass

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