DL400: For transferring wiring from a hinged door frame to a door

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Product Summary

The dormakaba DL400 Mortice Mounted Door Loop (cable transfer) is a convenient solution to transfer wiring from a hinged door to a door. The DL400 provides an attractive solution to completely conceal the wiring when the door is closed, whilst protecting the wiring from pinching or cutting.

Product Details
  • Designed to ensure the unbroken transfer of cable between door and frame
  • Suitable for a maximum cable diameter of 11.8mm
  • Suits 90 to 120 degree opening doors
  • Concealed when the door is closed
  • Suitable for timber or aluminium doors
  • Finished in chrome plate
  • Suitable for use with access control systems and alarms


  • 290L x 24.5W (mm)

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