Product Summary

The RG80 is the foremost high-strength lock designed for securing gates, roller doors, shipping containers and any other commercial door or entry way.
Designed with weatherproofing as one of its critical features the RG80 offers an impressive IP67 weather rating an E-coated aluminium lock body and strike for excellent corrosion resistance.
With full monitoring outputs including tamper-proof detection along with user configurable control settings, the RG80 is the perfect indoor and outdoor locking solution.

Technical Details

Lock – RG80             150L x 80W x 70D(mm)
L Strike - RG303A     80L x 80W x 60D(mm)

Door Gap                  15mm Maximum
Dynamic Strength      200 Joules
Holding Force             50,000N (5000Kg)
Weather Rating          IP67
Cycle Tested              300,000 cycles
Voltage at Lock          12-24VDC +/-15%

Current Usage          
Standby                               40mA/12VDC, 30mA/24VDC
Maximum:                          1.0A/12VDC, 30mA/24VDC
Heater On (24VDC only): 2.0A/24VDC

Monitors Switches               24VDC, 025A
Operating Temperature       -35oC ~ +70oC
Operating Mode                  Fail Secure/Fail Secure
Bolt Pin                           Stainless Steel, ø18mm, 35mm stroke
Lock/Strike Body            Aluminium: A383
Bolt Pin                          Stainless steel: 304
Strike Ring                     UV Stabilized ABS


Extreme Security
• Automatic deadbolting, 18mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin
• 50,000N holding force (5,000Kg)

Varied Voltage Input
• Input voltage from 12VDC - 24VDC

Complete Monitoring
• Door position switch
• Bolt locked monitor
• Bolt unlocked monitor
• Anti-tamper detection monitor

Integrated Access Control
• Selectable timed re-lock after 1 minute
• Multiple attempts to lock and unlock
• User selectable fail safe / fail secure operation
• 3 user selectable control methods

Versatile Installation
• Horizontal or vertical installation

Security System Compatible
• Integrate with access control and alarm systems

Low Current Consumption
• With heater disabled, the RG80 will draw as little as 30mA in standby and only 300mA in operation at 12VDC


Security gates
Roller doors
Cold storage rooms
Shipping containers
Commercial doors


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