Product Summary

The ML100 is perfect for access control on small enclosures such as lockers, drawers, drug cabinets, filing cabinets and letter boxes. The spring-release pushes the door open when activated so you can see the cabinet is unlocked and open.

Product Details

In the event of power being lost from an attempted break-in or power failure, the fail-secure operation maintains its locked status keeping your valuables safe.

The ML100 offers a variable 12-28VAC/DC power input and due to its motorised operation consumes minimal energy. Monitoring outputs are included as standard via door and lock status contacts.

The versatile mounting positions provide flexibility along with ease of use and installation. It is constructed of high strength polymer plastic.

Technical Details

• Fail-secure – power to open
• 12-28VAC/DC
• Motor operated
• Built in relock time delay
• Lock and door status monitoring
• Spring door open release
• Holding force 100Kg (220lbs)


• Lockers
• Letter boxes
• Office drawers
• Filing cabinets
• Medicine cabinets

Keep your valuables safe with the ML100 motorised cabinet lock.

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