Product Summary

The DB38L brings together two critical features; the highest holding force of any of the door lock range of products and the innovative latching device designed to align the door.

First the magnetic latch ensures the correct positioning of the lock and strike before the DB38L activates and secures the door with its deadbolting pin.

  • Highest level of security
  • Holding force: 20,000N (2,000kg)
  • Mortice mount horizontally or vertically, on single or double acting doors
  • Magnetic Latch

Product Details

  • Dual action - magnetic latch to capture the door and deadbolt to secure the door
  • Automatic deadbolting
  • 14.2mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin
  • Anti-tailgate and anti-tamper
  • Auto-relock after 0/3/6/9 seconds
  • Multiple attempts to lock and unlock
  • Thermal overheating protection
  • Reverse polarity and transient protection
  • Dual monitoring with door and bolt position monitors
  • Mortice mount horizontally or vertically, on single or double acting doors
  • Surface mount with the aid of the DB38L accessories, including mounting onto glass

Technical Details

  • Holding force: 20,000N (2,000kg)
  • Voltage at lock: 12-24VDC +/- 10%
  • Endurance: 1,000,000 cycles normal operation
  • Materials: Plastics (POM), Stainless Steel (304)


For the trade

  • Ideal solution for standard doors
  • Just one model for all sizes to simplify stocking

For the user

  • Two valves for optimum closing speed

For the installer

  • Non-handed unit
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fixes perfectly to all door types without the need for a mounting backplate.
  • One model for all mounting


  • Lock: 203L x 37.5W x 44D (mm)
  • Long strike: 203L x 37.5W x 19D (mm)
  • Housing: 206L x 41W x 49D (mm)
  • Dress plate: 210L x 0.7W x 50D (mm)

DB38L: Drop Bolt

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