Access control and locking systems for private residences

Break-in protection for the home: 24/7 safety with locking systems and digital access controls.

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Access solutions for home protection are a guarantee of peace of mind within your own four walls

Taken together, comfort, privacy and building security are a recipe for turning a house into a home. Landlords and homeowners should do everything they can to ensure all occupants can enjoy this feeling.

Our secure, modern access solutions are the key to enhanced security in home environments. From digital access controls, locking systems and cylinder locks for front and back doors, to smart locks and RFID solutions, we combine intuitive operation with an elegant design for the perfect result. We are happy to advise and support you in your search for the best access solutions and security systems for your home.

Mechanical locking systems: long-lasting building security you can rely on

Our mechanical cylinder locks, door fittings and door locks for front and back doors secure buildings while putting minds at ease. Combine mechanical and electronic access controls or let us configure your locking system to your exact wishes.

Digital access control for enhanced comfort and flexibility

Modern security requirements call for cutting-edge solutions. Our electronic access control systems meet all your home’s security needs. We provide tailored solutions that offer enhanced security, maximum control and digital anti-intruder protection.

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Integration into leading smart home systems

Our innovative access solutions can be integrated as part of a smart, forward-looking flexible home.

More convenience for tenants, visitors and property owners

We offer customizable, attractive, easy-to-use solutions that create an inviting atmosphere, simplify access management within your property and provide a seamless operational flow.

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight: evolo smart

Redefining access: security made simple with an app

Private Home evolo smart

evolo smart is your practical app for digital access control. At the tap of a button, you can assign permanent access rights to family and friends, or – if you have a business – full authorization to employees or temporary rights to guests or service personnel. You decide on the medium to lock and unlock your home: card, RFID fob or smartphone. Oversee individualized access rights and digital keys, tailor them to your requirements and feel safe and secure at all times.

The benefits for you
  • Quick and convenient – set up access rights with ease using your smartphone

  • Extensive range of access media – choose between a card, key fob and smartphone app

  • Flexible – add and remove access media as desired

  • Secure – temporary access controls

  • A full overview – you see exactly who has entered and left the building at which times

  • A wide selection of door components – choose from a comprehensive range of modern digital cylinders, electronic locks and access media

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