C4 Non-Restricted Cylinders

  • C4 cylinder with key

    1/4C4 cylinder with key

  • C4 cylinder black

    1/4C4 cylinder black

  • C4 cylinder

    1/4C4 cylinder

  • C4 key

    1/4C4 key

  • C4 cylinder with key
  • C4 cylinder black
  • C4 cylinder
  • C4 key

Product Summary

dormakaba C4 cylinders are standard, everyday cylinders for residential and commercial use. This cost effective cylinder type is available as a 6 pin C4 keyway, suitable for common Australian locks and allows for simple retrofitting.

Product Details
  • Available with anti-bump and anti-drill protection
  • 6 pin C4 keyway
  • Excellent tolerances
  • SSS springs as standard
  • Mushroom top pin
  • Suits restricted profiles
  • Solid brass construction
  • Pre-drilled for construction keying 

Keying options:

  • Keyed alike
  • Keyed to differ
  • Master key
  • Grand master key
  • Construction keying

Cylinder types:

  • Rim cylinder
  • Oval cylinder
  • Threaded cylinder
  • Euro-profile cylinders
  • Padlock
  • Lever set cylinder
  • Knob set cylinderA

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