Product Summary

IP8 is an inline restricted key system offering high levels of security, flexibility and quality in one package. The keys are not multi-profiled and are covered by Australian Design registration until 2024. Furthermore, IP8's complex profile design makes it much more secure and resilient against lock picking attacks.

Product Details

  • All IP8 components have been designed by Australian industry experts to the highest standards
  • 5 different colours of key head provide as a visual aid for quick key identification
  • Cylinder housing suits all major commercial and residential lock types
  • Available as construction keyed, master keyed, keyed-to-differ or keyed alike
  • Large key head for ease of use by the elderly or disabled


  • Commercial premises
  • Offices
  • Private homes
  • Apartments

IP8 Oval Cylinder With Key
IP8 Front
107BIP8 Back

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