After sales service overview

We ensure safe access to your building

We know that the entrance to your building is often the first impression people have of your company. A functioning automatic door or access system provides peace of mind, safety and efficiency. With dormakaba, you are in safe hands and can rely on our full support at all times. We can take care of automatic door services for any brand of door.

Help is on the way

Emergency call-out

Our 24/7 Door Service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any urgent repairs and ensure the continuity of your business.

Call: 1800 675 411

For Australian based customers

Call: 0800 436 762

For New Zealand based customers

We ensure safe access to your building

From planning and installation to ongoing operations

With our fully trained and equipped technicians, we offer one of the best service networks in the industry, covering a wide array of products and services. The branches in our network are strategically located to ensure fast response times. As soon as you make a call, our technicians and their ready-stocked vans will be right with you to help resolve the issue, no matter what stage of the building process you are at.

Preventive maintenance

No time for down time?

To prevent door failures and safety issues, schedule maintenance at your convenience by one of our qualified technicians. Ensure optimum function, safety and comfort of your investment.

Service done right

Maintenance contracts

The benefits of a dormakaba service plan

A building that is in active use requires a surprising amount of maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Our service experts are familiar with all the standards and legal requirements and can put your mind at ease when it comes to your access solutions. Regular maintenance and checks ensure that your automatic doors are always up to date and that failures are effectively prevented. We help you take care of the important things in your building with our safe, simple service.

Rapid assistance

We provide quick, hassle-free support in case of malfunctions.

High level of security

Through regular maintenance, we actively prevent possible malfunctions, downtimes and the resultant risks.

Increasing the value of your building

We make use of modern technology to maximize comfort, efficiency and sustainability.

Improved cost-effectiveness

Ongoing maintenance increases the longevity of your products and systems, saving you time and money.


We provide competent support with fulfilling your obligations as a building operator.

Maximized customer satisfaction

We constantly refine our solutions and processes to ensure a smooth people flow and build a positive user experience.

Keep your door safe

Daily check-list for your door

As part of having a safe and efficient entry door, we recommend that the unit is inspected weekly. If, however, the unit has a high traffic flow and involves children, the infirmed or the elderly, daily checks are recommended as part of your housekeeping regime to the premises.