90 09M Touchless Switch

  • 90 09M Touchless Switch


  • 90 09M Touchless Switch

Product Summary

This Touchless switch is ideal for areas where sanitary requirements are critical such as hospitals and health care facilities and with the ability to add a remote-control receiver adds an additional layer of convenience in a single device.

The unique low-profile 90 09M touchless switch is a contactless actuator using capacitive proximity technology. Upon activation, the aesthetically pleasing backlight design will change colour from white to green with an optional audible beep.
The touchless switch is also supported by a mechanical override function in the event of power or electronic failure.
The 90 09M also offers a selectable open time between 1~15 seconds and a typical detection zone setting of 25~50mm for different installation environments to reduce unwanted activations.

Product Details

Hands free to reduce spread of germs
Back up mechanical switch in case of power failure
Capacitive proximity technology
Visual back light design
Colour - black or white 
Fits standard size switch plate and electrical gang box
Removeable plug in terminal block for ease of wiring
Selectable unlock time (1~15 seconds)
Variable voltage 12~24VDC
Visible colour change and audible beep (optional) when activated
Optional EXIT or HAND wave gesture
Mounts on single gang electrical box
Optional remote control (433MHz) feature and up to 5 remotes can be added

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