Product Summary

The 913 microwave motion switch is a contact-free switch that provides excellent control for automatic doors & openings. This touchless motion switch utilizes Doppler radar technology for use in sterile environments. It can blend into any aesthetic by mounting the switch behind a non-reflective surface in a room or hallway. The RCI 913 is available in black, cream, or white colored finishes and contains a water-resistant gasket for increased durability when exposed to water or cleaning product.

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Product Details

  • Doppler radar technology allows for use in sterile environments (i.e. healthcare, food processing plants)
  • It can be placed unobtrusively in a room or hallway when mounted behind a non-reflective surface for a clean non-visible solution
  • Includes single and double gang plate
  • Variable adjustment of pattern depth from 4" to 24" (102mm – 610mm)
  • No wearing parts mean increased product life
  • Water-resistant foam gasket provides increased durability when product is exposed to water or cleaning product
  • 12 to 24 VDC/VAC
  • Contact rated at 1A
  • Available in Black, Cream or White finish

Technical Details

Dimensions: 4-5/8"W x 4-5/8"H (117mm x 117mm) & 2-3/4"W x 4-5/8"H (70mm x 117mm)

  • Certifications: EMC, FCC, IC


  • Sterile environments (clean-rooms, operating rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.)
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, assisted living, etc.)
  • Food processing plants (eliminates cross-contamination)
  • Architectural applications (where aesthetics are required)

913 Microwave Motion Switch Switches RCI EAD

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