Product Summary

High-strength lock designed for securing gates, roll-up doors, shipping containers, and other large doors or entryways. Offers the ability to integrate into an access control system. Fully monitored, weatherproof, and user configurable, perfect indoor and outdoor locking solution.

  • Low current consumption
  • With the heater disabled, the YG80 will draw as little as 50 mA in standby, and only 1,000 mA in operation at 12VDC. (Heater @24VDC only)
  • 18 mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin and reinforced strike design
  • Holding force of 11,240 lbs

Product Details

  • Concealed mounting bolts under the lock’s cover, which cannot be removed without triggering the tamper detection monitor
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Ingress protection to IP67
  • Aluminum lock body for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Built-in heater for continued functionality in colder climates, the YG80 can handle any environment it is placed in
  • Complete monitoring capabilities
  • Provides a range of output signals - bolt locked and unlocked position, door position, and tamper detection
  • Integrated access control system capabilities
  • Selectable fail safe / fail secure modes, three user selectable control methods, and multiple attempts to lock or unlock, ensures that the YG80 is ready for a wide range of application requirements
  • A symmetrical design means the YG80 can be installed both horizontally and vertically, in indoor and outdoor environments
  • The included three meter flying cable ensures easy connection for all the monitoring, control and the 12-24VDC power supply

Technical Details

Door gap: 15 mm maximum

Static strength: 11,240 lbs. 

Dynamic strength: 148 ft-lbs.

Endurance: 300,000 Cycles

Voltage at lock: 12-24VDC +/- 15% 

Auto relock: Will attempt to lock or unlock 3 times if obstructed during operation

Initial power up time: 25 seconds, only after power has been removed for an extended period.

Current usage:

  • Standby Current: 50mA@12V; 40mA@24V; 
  • 1.6A@24V with heater on
  • Maximum Current: 1.0A@12V; 0.5A @24V; 
  • 2.0A@24V with heater on.

Monitor switch ratings: 24VDC, 0.25A


  • IP 67 Rating – suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cold, -35°C for 2 Hours EN 60068-2-1:2007
  • Dry Heat, +70°C for 2 Hours EN 60068-2-2:2007
  • Corrosion, 240 Hours Salt Spray EN 1670:2007, Grade 4

Certifications and Listings:

  • UL294, CSA22.2 No. 205 and UL1034
  • FCC: Title 47, Part 15, Subparts A & B – Class B Device
  • ISED (IC): ICES-003 – Class B Device

RCI YG80 Door Lock

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