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As a double-leaf solution for controlled access, dormakaba's portfolio offers the application – SVA 6000 as a lever handle-controlled emergency-escape lock for the active door leaf, combined with the SVI 4000 as an automatic-locking emergency-escape lock with status messages.

The status messages enable permanent monitoring of the door status and the locking elements.

It is possible to gain access from the outside at any time using a key or the engaged external lever handle in the active door leaf. The automatic locking mechanism then ensures insurance-compliant locking of the doors as soon as they close.

The locks are suitable for use in emergency exits and escape routes in compliance with EN 179 or on panic doors with a horizontal push bar in compliance with EN 1125.

  • SVA 6000 emergency-escape lock with lever handle control
  • Versions: Operating/closed-circuit current, 12/24 V DC
  • Status messages for querying the overall door status
  • Mechanical self-locking
  • Top and bottom locking in the SVI 4000 passive door leaf lock
  • Certified in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125


Secure and convenient

The SVA 6000 and SVI 4000 solution is particularly suitable for entrance or exterior doors that need to be permanently accessed from the inside but rendered accessible from the outside by authorised persons only. Thanks to the one-sided SVA & SVI emergency escape function, both doors can be quickly opened in the escape direction by simply operating a handle, while the automatic locking mechanism ensures secure locking as soon as the door closes.

Range of monitoring functions

SVA 6000: The status messages of the lock enable the latch, latch bolt, cylinder and lever handle to all be monitored. The SVI 4000 emergency-escape lock, also called a strike box, also allows the monitoring of lever handles or the panic bar as well as the propellant bar. The signalling functions are particularly suitable for monitoring and ensuring the convenient operation of doors in emergency exit and escape route systems, but can also be used to activate alarm systems or for remote monitoring systems.

Operational versatility

SVA active door leaf locks and SVI passive door leaf locks are available in different models suitable for over-rebated or flush-closing timber doors and also narrow stile doors. They are flexible to install thanks to the DIN universal trip latch. They have been approved as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use on fire and smoke check doors.

Emergency escape locks for 2-leaf doors SVA 6000 and SVI 4000
Emergency escape locks for 2-leaf doors SVA 6000 and SVI 4000

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