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Intelligence makes the difference

People pass through doors at different speeds. And because conventional door systems are only set to open for a certain amount of time, energy consumption and wear and tear increase unnecessarily. MotionIQ is the new intelligent door system that automatically adjusts to individual movement patterns, ensuring greater efficiency and sustainability at lower cost.

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Customer benefits through MotionIQ


MotionIQ determines the movement vector of people and calculates the ideal opening point as well as the hold-open time.  In addition to improving the flow of people, this also reduces the risk of bumping into the door.


The individual hold-open time can save up to 50% energy and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, fewer reopenings result in a longer service life for the door, which further increases sustainability.


With MotionIQ, you can count on easy commissioning, as no manual tuning of sensor and drive is required.

And because the system adjusts automatically, additional trips are also avoided.


Progress that changes everything

MotionIQ is the intelligent door system from dormakaba that offers decisive advantages for various applications.


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Use cases

Use cases

MotionIQ - Your benefits at a glance

Benefits for building owners and investors

Benefits for building owners and investors

  • Doors are open only as long as necessary

  • Improved flows of people

  • Savings in heating and cooling energy

  • Reduced operational risk

  • Longer service life due to fewer reopenings

Benefits for architects and planners

Benefits for architects and planners

  • Simplified planning

  • Design of intelligent and modern entrances

  • Symmetrical installation in the middle of the door

  • System constantly adapts to user behaviour

Benefits for building operators

Benefits for building operators

  • Simple installation and commissioning

  • Easy retrofitting of existing automatic door systems (ED 100/ED 250) possible

  • Less maintenance and adjustment work required

  • Energy and CO2 reduction

  • Longer service life due to fewer reopenings

ED 100/ED 250

Use MotionIQ for your swing doors

With the ED 100 and ED 250 swing door operators, dormakaba presents electromechanical swing door operators that are suitable for many areas of application. The appropriate device is selected depending on the door leaf width and weight. While the ED 100 can be used on doors weighing up to 160 kg or 1,100 mm wide, the ED 250 is suitable for use on doors up to 1,600 mm wide or weighing up to 400 kg. The convenient opening and reliable closing of doors is now also supported by MotionIQ technology.

Your way to efficient doors

Automatic doors can contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the heat loss caused by the opening and closing of doors. The choice of the right automatic door for the respective area of application of the building is particularly important here. We support you with the Door Efficiency Calculator, which calculates the expected energy demand, annual heating costs and return on investment for different types of doors. This helps you decide on energy-efficient options and shows potential CO2 savings. Contact us, we will find the right solution.

We are here to help

Our experienced sales and object management team is available to answer all your questions about planning, specification, consultancy and realisation. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about MotionIQ or other door and access systems.

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