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exivo – Manage access to your Property Anytime, from Anywhere.

What does exivo offer? 24/7 access control. Open doors – any time and from anywhere, simply by sending digital keys. Are you looking to grant access in real time – wherever you happen to be? manage access rights through your booking system? send digital keys to your customers? define access times to many spaces and for specific people? exivo is the answer.

Customer Voice

Access Control Made Simple

Unlock creativity by giving members the flexible workspace access they’re looking for – at any time of the day and for as long as they need. Louise, the owner of the creative workspace Palazzo in Brussels details the benefits of the exivo access control system.

Watch now: with secure, cloud-based access control, you stay in control whether you’re on the go or at your desk. Conveniently manage access rights to coworking or flexible workspace premises using exivo and its cloud.

Secure and Simple Access Control

Connectable. Cloud-based. Discover exivo.

Introducing exivo, a modern access control solution that revolutionises traditional key systems by simplifying access management. Tailored for offices, coworking and flexible workspaces, sports and retail facilities, schools and more, exivo provides 24/7 remote access control from any device. Choose the access medium that suits you best: open doors using RFID cards or send digital keys and streamline your administration through cloud-based access control. Explore our range of smart locks, which enable a seamless blend of convenience and security for an elevated remote access solution.

In a nutshell


Experience security and efficient access control with exivo. Eliminate the hassles of physical keys and grant access to users effortlessly. Manage access rights, stay informed on who has entered your doors and when through the web app, and ensure up-to-date data with cloud synchronization. No internet worries — users maintain access even during outages.

Remote access solutions using the cloud

exivo is a cloud-based access control system. This means that access rights can be assigned or withdrawn remotely, anytime and anywhere. You’ll also keep an overview of who has entered a space, and when.

Time slot management

With our wireless door locks, time slots for rooms can be allocated conveniently without the need for an on-site presence, as visitors with access can unlock doors anytime.

Secure & Compliant

Our access control system complies with the EU GDPR and ensures the protection of sensitive personal data.

Mobile Access

Transform your mobile phone into a digital key for access. Send access rights to your users’ mobile phones and never worry about lost keys again.

Save time & money

With no need for dedicated staff on-site, you’ll reduce overhead. Our smart locks will not only help you save time, but also earn money.

Flexible API integration

Seamlessly embed exivo into your own web and app platform, for instance a booking system, via our smart API interface. Integrate exivo access control and streamline your processes.

Optimize your processes

API Integration

We believe that booking systems and access management belong together. Our API interface makes this possible. Simply integrate exivo into your platform and enable your customers to book online and receive direct access via a digital key. While you concentrate on your core business, your customers benefit from a more user-friendly service – a win-win situation.

The portfolio

Our compatible products

Explore our range of secure smart door locks that enable a convenient, seamless access experience. Our electronic devices, such as wireless door locks, wall readers and digital cylinders operate in standalone mode and connect to the exivo platform via wireless gateways. Online wall readers connect and work through door-controlling devices.


Our Trusted Ecosystem Partners

exivo seamlessly integrates with our partners’ ecosystems, allowing customers to reserve time slots and receive digital keys. This mutually beneficial setup allows partners to focus on their core business while providing customers with a user-friendly, flexible online service.


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