Product Summary

The dormakaba registration unit 90 04 has an innovative design with a classic glossy finish and is characterized by its slim, compact shape. The registration unit can be mounted directly on door frames made of metal, wood, or plastic. This means it fits discreetly and harmoniously into modern building structures. The device is water-tight and weather-proof, so it is well-suited for use outdoors.

Together with the control unit, the registration unit controls access to buildings and rooms, and is mounted away from the control unit. The installation of the control unit in the secured internal area means that the access control system is protected against tampering. The communication between the registration unit and the associated control unit is encrypted and therefore offers high security.

Product Details

  • The registration unit is compatible with the most wide-ranging dormakaba control units, such as with the access manager 92 00 or the remote reader 91 15.
  • Employees identify themselves with their RFID badge on the registration unit; it is simple and easy to use.
  • An acoustic signal and an illuminating symbol indicate the access decision to the user.
  • Data communication is carried out via a secure protocol.
  • The RFID standards LEGIC prime and advant are supported, as well as MIFARE Classic and DESFire.
  • Installation is easy – two screws and one drill hole – the cable usually runs unnoticed in the door frame.
  • The registration unit can easily be integrated into all dormakaba systems.
  • The dormakaba registration unit 90 04 has been prepared for use with NFC-enabled devices.
  • Available in black or white.


The dormakaba registration unit 90 04 is also suitable for harsh environmental conditions because of its high protection class (IP66), and it can therefore be installed in protected outdoor areas.

The dormakaba registration unit 90 04 can be used in many places:

  • External gates and gateways
  • Office buildings
  • Automatic doors
  • Lifts
  • Garage doors
  • Car park barriers
  • Entrance areas

dormakaba registration unit 90 04 black and white
dormakaba registration unit 90 04 black
dormakaba registration unit 90 04 white

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