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How can automatic door systems simplify access to buildings?

Making access comfortable and easy with automatic doors

Creating access experiences with automatic doors

Automatic doors have many functions in a building: they provide for convenient and secure access, regulate the flow of people and restrict access to sensitive areas. Additionally, an automatic door is naturally energy-efficient, as it closes reliably.

Our automatic door systems are outstanding in terms of design, diversity, security, and convenience. Whether it’s an automatic swing door, a telescopic or burglar-proof door solution that you’re searching for, we’ll be happy to advise you on the ideal option for your property.

Feel free to contact us for a solution tailored to you and find the most energy-efficient door solution that meets your building requirements.

Automatic sliding doors

dormakaba’s automatic sliding doors are a real eye-catcher for any facade. Depending on your needs, automatic single-leaf, double-leaf or telescopic sliding door variations are available.

Sliding door operators

The flexibility of our automatic sliding door operators makes it simple to integrate them into different buildings and design concepts. No matter what kind of entrance or usage is envisioned, the operators offer custom solutions for almost any requirement.

Swing door operators

Our design-oriented swing door operators are suited to a wide range of applications. Find an automatic swing door to match any need, from a simple energy-efficient exterior door to a heavy-duty double-leaf automatic door for fire and smoke protection.

Revolving doors - the special automatic door

Revolving doors are not only a beautiful highlight to any entrance: they are also an energy-efficient door that helps minimize air exchange between the building’s interior and exterior.

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Sustainable building management

Our energy-saving, durable, high-quality products and services maximize your building value.

State-of-the-art design

Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly into the existing surroundings at company headquarters, local premises and other relevant sites. The design of the solution correspond to contemporary architectural visions in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Dependable service

Our professional consulting and technical support teams are on hand to assist you throughout your project. This encompasses the design stage, the installation and go-live processes, and the entire lifecycle of the installed products.

Ease of use and outstanding design

We provide modular, easy-to-use solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality.

Impressive technology

Technical innovation is key to our products and guarantees the future viability and flexibility of your business, as well as continuous improvements to your operations.

Infection prevention

We help reduce the risk of infection through touchless, automated entrance solutions, intelligent access control and antimicrobial surfaces.

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