Product Summary

The sliding door drive CS 80 MAGNEO is an elegant option for automating interior sliding doors. The automatic sliding door drive CS 80 MAGNEO is moved solely by the magnetic and thus contactless thrust shaft of a linear motor. This technology enables the drive to run extremely quietly. The drive’s modern design and compact size make it ideal for individual solutions in challenging room concepts.

The CS 80 MAGNEO is available in three standard sizes and is infinitely adjustable for doorways from 675 mm to 1,125 mm. 

In combination with a contactless push button or radar motion sensor, the drive represents both a convenient and hygienic solution for opening and closing interior doors.

  • Dimensions 62/75 mm high, 60 mm deep
  • Max. leaf weight 80 kg
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Tested as per DIN 18650 / EN 16005
  • Optimal barrier-free opening convenience
  • Adjustable speeds and hold-open times

Product Details

Door properties

The automatic sliding door drive CS 80 MAGNEO was primarily designed for doors in private homes. However, the magnetic drive is also ideal for public areas such as retirement homes or hospitals where barrier-free movement is required. With a maximum door-leaf weight of 80 kg, single-leaf versions can be installed with glass, wood or metal leaves. The single-leaf version of the drive is available in three standard lengths for opening widths from 675 mm to 1,125 mm.


A feature of CS 80 MAGNEO is SoftMotion low-energy operation. Even a light 

touch on the door stops it and moves it back again. This is an important safety feature, especially for people with restricted mobility. The optional locking function prevents unauthorised access. It is installed discreetly under the cover and is invisible from the outside.

Convenience, design and hygiene​

The operating options of the CS 80 MAGNEO are both simple and versatile. They include a push button or motion detector that controls the drive and opens or closes the door automatically, thereby enabling contactless, hygienic access. A gentle push of the door leaf causes the Push&Go function to open the door. During a power failure, the door can be opened and closed manually. In addition to aluminium surface finishes, the CS 80 MAGNEO is also available with a stainless-steel surface finish: dormakaba Design Niro matt.

Areas of application

The CS 80 MAGNEO provides functional domestic comfort between the bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and dining room or lounge and dining room. The CS 80 MAGNEO is also used on doors in prestigious medical and legal practices and offices. The optional locking function prevents unauthorised access.

Hygiene is an in important aspect of contactless door opening. Doors fitted with the CS 80 MAGNEO can be opened and closed without needing to touch a handle, meaning that CS 80 MAGNEO can also be used in retirement homes and hospitals.

The integrated WC control unit is a special feature. It can be used in private and public areas and enables easy, barrier-free access to toilet facilities. It is controlled via various push buttons and a status display, making it easy to use. The integrated keep-closed and optional locking functions ensure the necessary privacy. The emergency button, optional emergency call system and/or manual opening from the outside option for private homes ensure access in an emergency.

Ideal for use in:

  • Private homes
  • Medical and legal practices
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals, retirement homes
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Barrier-free toilet facilities


The CS 80 MAGNEO is TÜV type-approved in accordance with DIN 18650 / EN 16005, ANSI and BSI.

Benefits for end customers / facility operators

  • No open doors
  • Fewer draughts
  • Less background noise
  • Excellent physical safety
  • Outstanding accessibility and exceptional ease of use
  • Long service life thanks to innovative technologies

Benefits for designers/architects

  • Elegant look
  • Excellent safety features
  • Flexible implementation, including individual requirements
  • Comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions for ambitious and prestigious door solutions
  • Excellent visual, functional and economical solution

Benefits for installers

  • Easy installation and commissioning thanks to Plug & Play
  • Extensive accessories from the dormakaba range
  • State-of-the-art designs that meet all the relevant regulations
CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding door operator
CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding door operator
CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding door operator

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