Product Summary

dormakaba M-SVP 5500 multipoint locks offer increased intruder protection. Thanks to the emergency escape function, the door can be quickly opened on the inside with a single release action. The automatic locking mechanism ensures that the door is securely locked as soon as the door closes. The mechanical multipoint lock is eminently suitable for use in emergency exits and escape routes in compliance with EN 179 and EN 1125 for panic doors with a horizontal push bar.

  • Certified in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125
  • Automatic locking and relocking action
  • Approved for fire and smoke doors
  • Suitable for double-leaf full-panic doors

Product Details

The mechanical locking solution for double-leaf panic doors
In combination with the appropriate profile-dependent M-SVP lock case (LC) and approved panic exit hardware fitting, the M-SVP 5500 is particularly suitable for use in double-leaf panic doors with a horizontal push bar. 

Multipoint locking for enhanced intruder protection
M-SVP 5500 multipoint locking systems for double-leaf doors ensure door systems are securely locked in accordance with property insurance requirements every time they are closed. The main bolt and latch bolts at the two additional locking points automatically close with a 20 mm projection, triggered by two tamper-proof magnets. All locking components are made of high-quality steel.

Barrier-free access solutions with M-SVP 5500, double-leaf
The M-SVP 5500 is especially suitable for doors that always need to be kept securely closed, e.g. in residential buildings, or for emergency doors where automated access is not required. Installation is fast because no wiring work is required.

Lock M-SVP 5500
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