dormakaba Entrance Systems
Entrance Systems: Create a memorable first and last impression for your building

Entrance Systems

Create a memorable first and last impression on guests with a high-quality entrance system. The storefront and door system are the first interaction a guest will have with your building. A smooth entrance system manages traffic flow, preserves indoor climate, and maintains security and access into a building. dormakaba offers many automatic door systems for any opening. dormakaba’s automatic swing door, sliding door, and revolving door systems provide a solution to satisfy any building code or design requirement. We bring your vision to life.

Swing Door Operators - Transform any manual opening door into an automatic or button operated swing door

Automatic Sliding Doors & ICU Doors - A welcoming & attractive entrance solution for any building

Revolving Doors - Creating beautiful, functional, & energy efficient building entrance solutions

Security Revolving Doors & Interlocks - Maximize building safety & security by protecting against unauthorized entry

Speed Gates - Convenient, fast, & smart access for the passage of people & transportation of goods

Turnstiles - Manage, monitor, & count the flow of people through an internal or external access point