Escape route system SafeRoute

The intelligent way

Thought about everything. Made for everyone.

The new, efficient escape route system SafeRoute represents a whole new form of flexibility and planning security.

Whether it’s an emergency exit or an escape route, regulated access times or an airlock function, the SafeRoute emergency exit and escape route system makes it possible to intelligently integrate various, often conflicting requirements for doors. With its innovative and reliable solutions, SafeRoute impresses not only fire brigade, police and building supervision, but also planners, architects, installers, dealers and building operators have numerous benefits.

The advantages at a glance:

  • More flexibility through new license model without subscription
  • Planning security through largely identical hardware
  • Easy wiring via advanced DCW® system bus
  • Flexible conversion and retrofitting by licence extension
  • Intelligent LED ring display: simplifies installation and commissioning, improves service quality due to easy recognition of system status or errors
  • Uncomplicated alarm reset by non-latching emergency button
  • Power supply possible anywhere in the system
  • Robust housing frame in XEA design made of light metal
  • Available in many color popular colours
  • Certified accordig to EltVTR
  • Complies to EN 13637 an all requested features