Product Summary

The Design cover frames are a stylish and simple way to integrate the dormakaba TMS escape route security systems or dormakaba access control components for flush-mounted assemblies in building installations. The different types, colours and sizes of the frames as well as adapter modules make it possible to adjust the configurations individually to the construction requirements. With the exterior dimensions of 55 x 55 mm, all dormakaba components are coordinated with the switch programs from various market-relevant manufacturers.

  • Integration of all components in building installations
  • Cover frames for various switch series
  • Frames and adapters for exterior installations
  • Design column for stand-alone installations

Product Details

Standard, E2 and Esprit series

The frames in this series ingeniously combine high quality with timeless design. The Standard and E2 series are distinguished by their unbreakable, shock-resistant and easily maintained surface, while Esprit features impressive high-quality materials such as glass or chrome.

Profil 55 series

Profil 55 makes it possible to conveniently expand existing installations without having to break into the walls. The flush-mounted system components can be easily integrated into the Profil 55 surface-mounted housings.

TX 44 series

The TX 44 series is particularly suitable for exterior or moist areas and can be attached with anti-theft protection. The especially robust material is shock-resistant, unbreakable, UV- and weather-resistant. All dormakaba components in the 55 system can be used in TX 44.

Design column

The dormakaba design column was created for special design requirements. It consists of weather-resistant housing and – with a seal set or transparent hinge cover – it offers impressive functionality and a stylish design in both interior and exterior areas. Up to four 55 system components can be integrated into the TX 44 frame of the design column.

Emergency exit system Cover Frame
Emergency exit system Cover Frame
Emergency exit system Cover Frame

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