Product Summary

The SIO-DR I/O module provides four inputs and four outputs for connection/control of external analog components. Up to four I/O modules can be operated by each SCU (with license Standard or higher). To simplify use, the inputs and outputs have already been preassigned standard values, but they can be configured individually using TMS-Soft.

Product Details

SIO-DR I/O module

Bus coupling module for the connection of products with conventional wiring technology to the DCW® system bus. Four optical coupler inputs for the transmission of external signals and control commands, and four floating outputs for the operation of external components/signal output. Up to four DCW® I/O modules per SCU (master) are possible. Addresses for different requirements are preconfigured. Individual requirements can be freely programmed with the TMS-Soft configuration software (delayed activation, delayed deactivation, pulse, logic links etc.). For top-hat rail mounting, e.g. in dormakaba housings NT-G, NT-G1 and NT-G2.

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