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Zürich Airport

An essential hub for international air traffic.

Peter Frei, Head Safety & Security Aviation

«Tens of thousands of passengers, employees, suppliers and visitors pass through Zürich airport every day. At the same time, we are subject to the highest security requirements. We can now manage this level of complexity thanks to a range of innovative solutions from a single provider. dormakaba has been helping us at Zürich airport meet these requirements for decades.»

General building data

Building description: Airport Zürich

Building type: Airport

Address: 8058 Zürich-AIrport
Builder/owner: Flughafen Zürich AG

Flughafen Zürich AG

Zürich is a global banking and finance centre. It is also home to the largest airport in Switzerland, which opened officially in 1948. Zürich is an essential hub for international air traffic and serves 206 destinations in 68 countries. On average, around 85,000 passengers travel through Zürich airport every day. On peak days, this can increase to well over 100,000 passengers. And safety is our main priority.

The customer requirements 

  • Fast and convenient access at boarding pass control
  • Boarding pass control in security zones
  • Faster passenger processes to reduce waiting times
  • Controlled access to restricted areas
  • Barrier-free door solutions, door solutions for double-leaf fire doors
  • Weatherproof perimeter security

dormakaba solution

Automatic entrance systems and the exos access management system not only direct foot traffic to and inside buildings, but also regulate access to sensitive areas. The airport company has relied on dormakaba business lounge egates for many years. Entrances to security zones with automatic boarding pass control systems are equipped with half-height dormakaba Argus HSB-M03 business lounge egates.

All requirements of a modern access management system are fulfilled

All entrances and exits for passengers and vehicles that require authorisation are monitored and controlled from the parking control centre. In this way, the airport company always knows which vehicles or pedestrians have entered non-public and security-relevant areas, and where they gained access.

Weatherproof perimeter security

All outdoor entrances to the airport are reliably secured by robust turnstiles from the Kentaur product range. They regulate staff access in combination with ID card readers.

Increased convenience for passengers in transit and transfer areas

The airport company has installed easy-access, barrier-free door solutions in a large number of transit and transfer areas in the arrivals and departures lounges. These solutions are implemented using dormakaba’s TS 93 door closer systems with EASY OPEN technology. 

Another area of application for the TS 93 at Zürich airport is preventive fire protection. Doors that are open during standard operation and that ensure a smooth flow of traffic close in the event of fire to contain fire and smoke.

Entrances to customs areas meet innovative product design

The access readers merge discreetly and harmoniously into the architecture of the airport buildings. The readers and registration units secure and control access to various customs areas within the airport.


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