Product Summary

dormakaba HSW-EM is a top-of-the-range system for automatic sliding walls. Its flexible, comprehensive concept can be individually adapted to any room layout. The partition can be installed in a straight line or arc. With leaves that can be moved separately, it offers a wide range of design options. The individual glass elements are available in tinted, matt, transparent and printed variants. The HSW-EM partition therefore fulfils your requirements and harmonises with your design concept. Thanks to the automatic drive, it opens and closes effortlessly. A convenient solution for on-demand opening and closing of a salesroom or counter in a certain area, during certain hours or weather conditions, or for a particular situation.

The sliding wall system is also suitable for securely separating sensitive areas. The HSW-EM is available in two variants: without security requirements or in an RC2-certified version. Security without compromising your design – the dormakaba HSW-EM glass partition wall.

  • Convenient automatic opening and closing
  • Partition for greater security requirements
  • Flexible planning options

Product Details

  • Free glass edges for high transparency with CNS point supports or glass clamping rails at the top and bottom (RC2 with delicate vertical CNS profiles)
  • High degree of reliability and functionality thanks to individually driven elements
  • Monitoring of leaf position
  • Integrated escape route door possible
  • Automatic locking after closing
  • Leaves can be moved manually in an emergency

Technical Details

  • Tested and certified: Intrusion resistance class RC2
  • Maximum system height: 4,000 mm / RC2 3,500 mm
  • Maximum leaf width: 1,500 mm
  • Maximum leaf weight: 180 kg
  • Maximum number of sliding leaves: 40
  • Glass thicknesses: 10–13.5 mm
  • Profile system elements: All-glass, MANET, all-glass RC2, MANET RC2
  • Drive unit height: 176 mm
  • Drive unit width: 140 mm
  • Driving speed 80–150 mm/s
  • Force limitation adjustable 0–150 N


  • Retail stores, shopping centres
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Railway stations


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