Product Summary

Companies often outsource tasks like cleaning, maintenance or construction to external companies. External company and in-house employee access rights do not generally differ – however access is frequently linked to the term of a project. Kaba exos allows you to easily link access rights to a project and define the in-house point of contact. If deadlines are moved, the responsible person adjusts the access rights of all external company employees at the click of a mouse. This automatically ensures that no external persons can gain access after the project is completed.

Product Details

  • Advance registration for efficient handling. Project manager register their project members (contractors) over the web.
  • Automatic e-mail to contractors with details of their visit
  • When they arrive contractors are provided with their personal badges that contain all necessary authorisations. The right of access is linked to the duration of the project
  • Minimum installation and update effort as web-based, thus minimising circulation and update costs
  • Customised to your processes
  • Presence time registration for contractors supports accounting control 
  • Optional photo over webcam incl. printing of badges
  • Integrated process steps like, for instance badge personalisation, safety instruction or blacklist checking ease the burden on reception staff and enhance security


Key deposits for the controlled issue and return of important keys.

Secure retention of important keys on the premises – Kaba key deposits allow locking groups to be divided within buildings and organisations, thereby increasing security. By depositing the personal key, a key assigned to another group can be collected at any time – the original key remains blocked until the other key is returned, at which time the original key can be released.

Mechanical key tubes allow a key to be deposited securely in order to ensure access to buildings, whatever the organisation (fire service, power stations, etc.).

Safeguarding access in the event of interventions – using a key tube becomes all the more important in many applications where access to a certain room must be ensured at all times. For the relevant intervention and service organisations, they bring the benefit of covering a whole area with a single key.

Mechanical key tubes with return confirmation

Key tubes with return confirmation allow the usage of deposited keys to be controlled and ensure that they are returned in due form.

Usage control with return confirmation – key tubes with return confirmation ensure that the key required for each building access is available for the authorised organisations on site at all times. This also offers building owners the advantage of a controlled removal and usage of the key. The intervention key remains blocked until the owner of the confirmation key verifies the availability of the object key and has locked the tube again.

Kaba exos 9300 - Module Contractor

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