The AuditGard Series offers multiple user functions as well as audit functions. Customize the lock by adding functions via the LA GARD PC programming software.

The eKey function permits dual-token opening of the lock using a combination and the eKey.

Different input units - all in metal design - are available with a soft keypad or a dome membrane keypad. 

According to the safe application, choose between a dead bolt, swing bolt, spring bolt, or redundant locking system.


  • Master, manager, up to 8 users
  • 6 to 9 digit combination
  • 512 audit events
  • Dual-mode and silent alarm options


  • EN 1300 B, VdS class 2, UL type 1, CNPP a2p

Power supply

  • 9-volt battery (not included)
  • Auxiliary power supply options


  • Die-cast lock case and bolt
  • Lock mounting set, incl. 3 screws M6
  • Lock options include swing bolt, dead bolt, spring bolt, or redundant

Lock case mounting positions 

  • Right hand, left hand, vertical up, vertical down

Technische details

Input units

  • 3125
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, ultra-low profile
    • Battery case: Separate battery box*
    • Key pad: Silicone
    • External power contact: Yes
    • Cable length: 457 mm (18”)
    • Spindle length: 152 mm (6”)
    • Version eKey: eKey*
    • Dead bolt available: Yes
    • Swing bolt available: Yes
  • 5750-K
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, low profile
    • Battery case: Separate battery box*
    • Key pad: Metal dome, backlighting
    • Cable length: 460 mm (18”)
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: Yes

* Not included in delivery

Optional input units (without audit capacity)

  • 3035
    • Input Unit: Metal, Satin Chrome, Ultra-Low Profile
    • Battery case: separate battery box*
    • Keypad: Silicone
    • External power contact: YES
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: YES
  • 5750
    • Input Unit: Metal, satin chrome, low profile
    • Power: 1 x 9-volt battery (not included)
    • Keypad: Metal dome, backlighting
    • Cable length:  460mm (18“)
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: Yes


  • 4300M Swing bolt
  • 6040M Dead bolt
  • 6034 Spring bolt
  • 6441 Redundant mechanical

Lock Options

  • Metric or standard mounting hardware
  • Threaded dead bolts for attachment to bolt works, metric or standard
  • Bolt switch


  • Small battery box (1 x 9 volt block battery) 
  • Large battery box (6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery) 
  • Small battery/alarm box (1 x 9 volt block battery), required for alarm functions 
  • Large battery/alarm box (6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery), required for alarm functions 
  • Wall Plug Transformer 220 volt AC (EU-plug) with battery port connector, without VdS certificate (110v or 220v plug)
  • Alarm Interface, VdS listed 
  • Audit cable (for input unit 3125 only) 
  • Audit cable (for input unit 5750-K only) 
  • AuditGard Software-Kit (CD with Setup- and AuditView Software / USB-Adapter / Cable for Entry Device 3125 / Cable for Entry Device 5750-K) 
  • Reset box (necessary to reset the operating mode to works mode)
  • eKey (only for input unit 3125) 
  • eKeyII (only for input unit 5750-K) 



  • Master (super master reset)*
  • 1 manager*
  • Up to 8 users*
  • 6 to 9 digit combination (selectable)

Lock functions

  • Time delay
  • Dual mode*
  • Time delay override*
  • Add/delete user code (manager only)
  • Enable/disable user code (manager only)
  • Add/delete manager code (control code only)*
  • Enable/disable manager code (control code only)*
  • Remote disable lock opening*/**
  • Remote disable lock*/**
  • Silent alarm*/**
  • Audit (record of last 512 events)
  • Lock opening only by code
  • Lock opening by code + eKeyII (dual token)

* Activation by PC software required
** Battery box with alarm function or separate Alarm Interface (VdS listed) required

General functions

  • Low battery signal
  • Wrong-try penalty after 4 false codes
  • LED and beeper function indicators

This accessory available for AuditGard locks consists of a CD with two Microsoft™ Windows™ 7/Vista compatible computer programs and a USB adapter including the needed cables to connect a AuditGard lock (via Entry Device 5750-K or 3125) to the USB port of a computer.

  • Setup Software
    • This software offers a simplified programming of AuditGard locks. User activation, definition of code length, selection of various lock features, or setup of time delay. All these features can be setup on a clearly represented computer window and easily be sent to the lock with a simple mouse click. 
  • AuditView Software
    • This application is used to draw an audit from the non-volatile lock memory. The last 512 events are sent to the computer and may be saved in a PDF file. The software features a filter function to generate the report according to specified events and/or users.

Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 5750K
Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 5715
Safe Lock La Gard - Lock 6441-1

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